Kurdish Community of America

Who We Are  

The Kurdish Community of America is a non-profit 501 C3 organization located in Moorhead, MN. Our focus is on Community Development, Community Resources, Advocacy and Humanitarian Aid. We offer resources to the community as well as a place for educating those wanting to learn about the Kurdish people and their settlement to the states, specifically the Midwest. Our organization is a center where we use it as a hub for social gatherings, community building, basic needs and education. 


What We Do

Our work focuses on helping people in our community to have access to resources and education. We have helped hundreds of families with affordable housing, employment, a driver’s license, legal issues and moving out of poverty. Doing what we do is important in our community, nation and the world. Will you join us in tackling these issues?


Where We Are Going

The Kurdish Community of America started in a small cubicle with one chair, one desk and one computer at the old Charism building in Fargo, ND. With dedication, passion and belief we grew little by little to where we are today. Being a organization that has been around for almost a decade in serving the Fargo-Moorhead community, the Midwest, Our nation here in the United States and the world with humanitarian aid. We want to head in a direction where we are able to do more than what we are doing and be in a better position than where we are currently located. Will you help us to build a community center to expand our programs?