The Organization

 The Kurdish Community of America was established September 09, 2009 because of the large Kurdish community, approximately 1,100, who resided in the Fargo-Moorhead area with no representation or community support network. Therefore our mission was to be a resource center for learning and development. Helping many families with such basic needs as affordable housing, employment, and other everyday basic needs. Furthermore the purpose of our organization was to be a resource center and place for education to the greater community. Which led us to advocate for the many issues our community was facing and in the end helping people around the world in need of humanitarian aid. 


The Kurdish Community of America relies on financial support for operations. The size of the staff vary, depending on funding. Many past interns that we had, have had a great experience working with us. If you are interested in doing a internship, please contact us. 


Our board consists of five individuals with each serving a four-year term. Board members can get re-elected. If you're interested in serving on the board please let us know.